Job application process

Guidelines to joining Services4-IT

Applying to Services4-IT

  1. Check our open positions listed on our website
  2. Visit the job application form either through the position you wish to apply for, or by clicking here
  3. Fill in the form. Selecting position(s) to apply for is entirely optional.
  4. Attach your up-to-date CV
  5. Complete the captcha and accept the privacy policy
  6. Send
  7. Your application is submitted and ready for us to review!
Applying to Services4-IT
Recruitment process

Processing your job application

As soon as your job application arrives to us, we will process it. We will contact you on phone, which call is about 15 minutes of telephone conversation. We will talk about your experiences, your career plans, your German language skills, which we will test during the call, the position you are applying for, and other technical questions too.

Job interview

After the conversation, we can discuss an appointment for the first interview which is a personal interview. If the candidate is not living in Budapest, we can arrange an online interview too.

During the personal interview, we will discuss everything in detail and discuss the recruitment process too. If the meeting was successful for both parties, the second round will be the second interview, which is a professional interview and will take place in German.

After this round, if the parties' views are still the same, there is nothing more than wage negotiation, offer, acceptance of offer, and starting date calculation. On the first working day of the employee, we will welcome you with a welcome package and give you your working tools in the office, in Budapest.