Project Management & Consulting

Coordination and management of processes and resources

In today's changing world, one of the biggest challenges is how we can quickly and easily respond to emerging needs. This challenge can only be met with the appropriate expertise and customer-centric thinking.

Following this approach, we have established our project management and SAP consulting team.

Project management

Our team consists exclusively of highly qualified colleagues with many years of experience. Whether it's any aspect of project management, we know its advantages and disadvantages, so we can provide you with the right advice to design the optimal structure when planning your project.


  • Agile
  • Waterfall model
Project management

Project management scope

Our team covers several project types, out of which the following ones are in focus:

  • software development
  • roll-out
  • migration
  • retirement
  • transition and transformation


SAP consulting

Consultancy services for businesses powered by SAP

We offer a comprehensive solution for our partners with our SAP consultancy services. Our team of young and agile teams are highly trained, thanks to our complex SAP implementation, version upgrade, and operational experience in the past.

Our SAP team

Our highly qualified colleagues have industry and project management experience, delivering top quality service to our customers.

Descriptive analytics
SAP solutions

We provide services related to the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Implementation of new SAP systems: feasibility study, preparation, business blueprint, realization, final preparation, testing, Go Live and support
  • Rationalization and optimization of business processes
  • System operation: remote, on-site or in a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Performance tuning on hardware, OS, database, or application level
  • Installation of applications and patches provided by SAP
  • Technical assistance of version upgrade projects
  • Operation and monitoring of interfaces between SAP and external systems

SAP solutions