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Office Desk Booking Tool

The smart office desk booking system

The Office Desk Booking Tool is an easy-to-use SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Webpart Model, which offers complete support for client-side Sharepoint development (SharePoint Online and On-Premise), easy integration with existing SharePoint data and extending Microsoft Teams.

ODB overview

User friendly

With ease of use in mind, our design is simple and user friendly, supports data protection and has built-in reports for contact analysis and office usage.

Just a few steps and the booking is done! Reservations can easily be modified or removed.

Feature rich

Colors, layouts can easily be customized according to customer needs. ODB can be used on PCs and smartphones, too. In addition, the Sharepoint Online version of ODB works together with Microsoft Teams.

Ensuring safety

The application offers you the possibility to choose and select seats within a given space, allowing you to logically manage offices. By doing this, you are creating a safe workspace, limiting the number of employees within a given area and mitigating potential respiratory risks by ensuring safe distancing.

Data protection

ODB ensures that data is kept private within your organization and is not shared with other parties.

  • viewing past reservations is not possible
  • reporting function with sensitive data is available only for dedicated users
  • users can edit only their own reservations

Cost effectiveness

Do you know how much office space was utilized last month, last week, or is at this very moment? Since the beginning of 2020, we have seen businesses move towards virtual workspaces and therefore companies started to take into consideration if their office space is still really needed.

Potential of use

Your organization can benefit from using ODB as a booking tool as it offers customizable layouts that can be added, modified and removed.

Customize ODB to your organization by adding all the spaces that you want, such as new meeting rooms and parking spaces or whatever you need.

Monitoring Tool

Our enterprise monitoring solution ensures the flawless operation of your systems

Nowadays a proper and well-set up monitoring system is essential, whatever the service. We have built our solution from open source components that are reliable and widely used. Prometheus is used for calculating metrics, Grafana Loki takes care of collecting the logs, while Alertmanager is responsible for the alerts. The dashboards are displayed by Grafana.

Monitoring Tool overview

Fast, flexible, easy setup

The various components of our monitoring solution can be installed on their own, but these steps are time consuming and complicated. Installation and configuration settings have been automated, saving valuable time.

The stack can be built anywhere, be it On-premises, Private or Public Cloud, standalone or Kubernetes. No internet access is required during installation.


There are no hidden costs, license fees or even pricing depending on the amount of data collected.

Highly automated installation procedures allow you to keep your monitoring system up to date.

Monitoring Tool features


The ability to search logs and metrics simultaneously makes debugging much easier.

Monitoring - Debugging
Monitoring - Notifications


Don't miss a thing. You can choose from a number of options to stay informed of problems. Including MS Teams, Email, Slack ... Forecast based monitoring, be aware of the problem before it occurs.

Monitoring - Notifications

Visualization and analysis

Use the various dashboards to easily and quickly see what's going on in your system. Perform a trend analysis based on the information gathered.

Monitoring - Visualizations

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