Infrastructure management

Managing and continuously improving the essential operational elements of IT solutions

The emergement of cloud-based solutions and the switch to an application-centric operation perspective resulted in significant changes in the tasks and methods of infrastructure management.


Design, implement and support container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes, Openshift, OKD) on-premises or in public cloud, as well as monitoring of these platforms by building a cloud-native monitoring system.

Infrastructure management

Next generation infrastructure

Servers and networks have stepped beyond the physical boundaries of on-premise and classic data centers. Cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions can more efficiently fulfill the special computing demands of applications, be it private, public, or hybrid solutions. Flexibility and fast scalability are among the advantages.

The design, implementation, and operation of next generation infrastructures requires a complex, integrated approach.

Infrastructure management

Information security

Aside from the possibilities of public or hybrid network and server architectures, it is necessary to pay close attention to aspects of security, thus realizing cyber security guidelines in the system is an important task.

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Cloud infrastructure

Our services

From designing to operating an app-centric infrastructure, the services of Services4-IT cover these tasks as a whole:

  • Next generation data center design and implementation (e.g. Cisco ACI, VXLAN, Multi-Tenant)
  • Public and hybrid infrastructure (IaaS) design and implementation (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, OpenStack)
  • Consultancy regarding next generation architecture services (e.g. security, load balancing)
  • Fulfillment of DevOps duties (monitoring, operations)
  • Architecturing SDN (Software Defined Networking)-based WAN networks (Cisco iWAN)
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Project and portfolio management of cloud-based infrastructures

Cloud infrastructure