Application operation

We ensure the efficiency of IT solutions and technology stacks

During the day-to-day operation of IT systems, ensuring the business continuity of applications is among the most important tasks.

A failure in this continuity might result in immediate losses, therefore it's mandatory to support and maintain business applications and ensure their stable operation.

Outsourcing application operations

Organizations which outsource their IT operations can free up significant resources and can entirely focus on their profitable activities.

We at Services4-IT strive for making sure that you only need to concentrate on these activities, knowing that the operation of your applications are in professional hands.


Application operation services

Our services cover the entirety of the application lifecycle:

  • Installation, configuring, fine-tuning in accordance to the application manufacturer's guidelines
  • Continuous proactive monitoring
  • Middleware installation, setting up according to application requirements
  • Backend databases' and systems' monitoring, maintenance, and fine-tuning
  • Backup and restore
  • Update installation
  • Handling errors that may occur and contacting the manufacturer if needed
  • Negotiation with the manufacturer regarding development change requests