Application Development

Realizing IT solutions to increase productivity and reduce time-consuming manual tasks

We are experienced in developing and delivering solutions that match our clients' requirements as much as possible, seamlessly integrating with their business processes, and enabling them to succeed.

Application lifecycle management

We rely on best practices during the complete application lifecycle of each release - from analyzing requirements to development and testing, and finally deploying on prod.

Our enthusiasm to continuously deliver solutions of the best possible quality is second to none.

We aim to work with the most suitable methodology on your application development project, considering the pros and cons of each option.

Agile board
Application development


We have demonstrated know-how in the following areas of application development:

  • Agile, for an adaptive approach to changing requirements
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development), to deliver results as fast as possible
  • Waterfall, for precise needs and easy testing

Application development

Integration & automation

Our solutions help optimize business processes and automate time-consuming tasks which currently require manual effort.

Integrating new software with exising on-premise or cloud systems through the use of REST or SOAP interfaces, automated EDI (electronic data interchange) and data transformation with XSLT or other methods, as well as replication of databases is among our offered services.

Application development

Analytics & reporting

Data understanding is key to make well-informed business decisions. Reports, dashboards, views for descriptive analytics - we can build them all to keep you up-to-date, track processes and trends, and identify potential opportunities.


Change Management

We are prepared to make current solutions more efficient through analysis and improve upon releases.

The only thing left is to handle the lifecycle and the change requests. Your users will have new ideas continuously following the regular change of your business. That’s the reason why we offer professional release management.

We provide flexibility and agile response to new requirements, employing industry-proven tracking systems, such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

Tracking changes in a transparent, easy-to-understand way is essential, especially the more people participate in an application development project. For this purpose, we use version control systems (Git or SVN) and keep technical and user documentations up-to-date.

Quality improvement